Our Story

Our story starts close to home with our youngest brother pursuing a professional running career. He was lucky enough to get a small contract with a major brand but it only provided gear. As he pursued his dream it began to get harder and harder to make ends meet financially. He decided after a couple years that it was time to "retire" and move on to start working full time.

We talked with him about what could have made things easier and he said being more financially stable. Although very thankful for his contract, he had a lot of gear but not a lot of money. Come to find out, this is the case with a lot of professional runners. Most professional running contracts have a base salary with performance bonuses built in. The base salary is typically lower than most starting jobs out of college with the majority of the money tied to their performance. EVERYONE gets gear though, and the fans all wish they had a way to get it! 

This is when everything started to come together. We decided that we wanted to help professional runners make some extra money so they could pursue their dreams with a little less financial stress. We came up with the idea of selling their additional gear on their behalf FOR FREE - No commission charges, no hidden agendas just straight forward. Both of us have full time corporate jobs so this would be our way of giving back to the sport we love and the professional athletes we enjoy watching.  

We also realized there are professional athletes out there who did not have sponsorships even though in our eyes they are more than deserving. This is why we formed BELL LAP ELITE. We began sponsoring athletes by providing training and competition gear. Currently we have five BELL LAP ELITE athletes chasing after their Olympic dream and hope to add more in the future! 

Our professional client base has continued to grow and we are assisting more professional runners than ever! We still do not charge the professionals and believe strongly in this principle. We would like to thank everyone who has helped us get to this point but we are just going into the Bell Lap and there will be much bigger races to come! 




Listen to our story in this podcast with our friends at Peaked Too Early